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Marshawn Lynch 67 Yard TD Run – Tecmo Bowl Edition

Marshawn Lynch showed fans the origin of the Beastmode monicker in yesterday’s Seahawks wild card win. Now the epic67 yard scamper gets the Tecmo treatment.

Thanks Jordan Slocum for the link.

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    Nice read and thanks. But do you know what happens when you take music out of schools? Rap. Rap happens. There is nothing wrong with some education on the music you grew up with. Many of the bands I still listen to were classically trained and have a lot to offer. But then I’m still technically a hippie. Peace.

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    Hehe, great article. We’ve always tried to steer our daughter (now 5) towards music we can tolerate. Barenaked Ladies kids albums, Kaspar Babypants… eh, that’s about it… maybe a couple others. She loves the Beatles thanks to Yellow Submarine…. and requests to play Rock Band so she can sing along with the chorus while I pound the drums.

    Now if I could just get her to change her favorite game from “pretend we’re kitty cats” to something else… ANYTHING else!

    -Mike Mitrovich

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