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Dwight Howard Drops a “Pause” When Talking About Andrew Bynum

“Pause” is a slang term used to negate the unintended sexual connotation of a comment. During halftime of tonight’s Magic vs. Lakers game, Magic center Dwight Howard dropped a “Pause” during interview after referring to the “length” of Andrew Bynum:



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  1. […] Dwight Howard, who is no stranger to goofing off during interviews, made the reference when talking about Andrew Bynum after the Magic’s loss to the Lakers on Monday night.  It reminded us a lot of Gus Johnson’s “pause” when Spike like said he “likes Dick” a few years ago, which pretty much introduced LBS to the term.  Check out the Dwight Howard “pause” video, courtesy of Cosby Sweaters. […]

  2. […] Howard of the Orlando Magic also used “pause” in a post-game interview while describing his match-ups with opposing center Andrew Bynum, noting that Bynum is “long” […]