Ron Artest Punches JJ Barea in the Little Head [Video]

In game two of the Lakers/Mavs series, Ron Artest closed the last minute of the game by close-lining JJ Barea in the head. Zoinks!

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    Kevin McHale must be laughing out loud. The only thing ifind wrong is that it happened 5 quarters too late and wasn’t hard enough. Other the Mavericks have been getting away with more grabbing,holding and general mugging the Lakers for two games in the paint and the refs have swallowed their whistles. What are they intimidated by Mark Cuban sitting behind the bench?

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      i don’t know if you notice but lakers along with other big names get away with a lot. you can’t say that the mavs are getting their way and IN LA come on. cheap shots are getting ridiculous….

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