Andrew Bynum’s Cheap Shot on JJ Barea [GIF]

Things really fell apart for the Lakers on Sunday, and the frustration boiled over in the 4th quarter. Andrew Bynum unleashed one of the most blatant cheap shots in NBA history when he tossed an elbow at JJ Barea as he drove down the lane. Bynum was ejected just minutes after Lamar Odom was also ejected for a cheap shot of his own.

via Mocksession

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    Funny how Odom, Artest and Bynum dont hit brothers, only white guys. Not a coincidence. Same as Charles Barkley obvious bias against white players. He can try but it still comes out.

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    players like bynum should have to pay to play instead of getting paid what a slow a$$ dud,they were just mad cause they got exposed,bynum could have killed jj ,the league should kick that ahole out, i’m just sayin that was dirty ,most of the fakers are

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