Kasey Kahne Unhurt In Scary Car Flip (Video)

NASCAR’s Kasey Kahne survived a very scary wreck and somehow came out of it with no injuries. The video below shows Kahne’s car doing a flip out of the dirt track he was racing on during a World of Outlaws race in Pennsylvania this past Friday night.

Scary stuff, and we are glad he is all right.

via SB Nation

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    The left turn jokes are so old and lame. I wish these ignorant jackasses would muster up some brain power and find something else to pick on NASCAR about.

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    I can’t believe you are arguing over leftt and right turns…Kasey wasn’t hurt; isn’t that all that matters?!

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    Ozzy………you can’t even speak or catch your pet cat walking at your feet, let alone drive a car. Have Sharon explain it to you Oz if you can comprehend what she’s saying for more than ten seconds. Ha! but you sure come to life when you’re on stage. What’s up with that Wizzard of Oz?

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