Louis Vuitton Condoms Hit the Market

High class fashion brand Louis Vuitton has stepped up their game (I guess) and just recently added condoms to their fall line-up.  The Louis Vuitton “johnson wrappers” will cost you a  retail price of $68.  We sure hope that if you are using these, that the girl has a very large trust fund or has a few #1 Billboard hits.


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    you’d think the price would make people not buy it, but im so sure the bourgeoisie will… just to show off & be all like, “i can afford to pay 68$ on something that i will throw after after only wearing it for like less than half an hour ” .. tsk tsk.

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    As someone on facebook pointed out:

    Anything that stops the kind of person who would buy this kind of thing from breeding has to be a good idea.

    I couldn’t agree more.

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    those ppl tat bought this does not know where to spend their money on.. and whoever that bought this would not go to a night club to use this condom.. they are to rich and girls with “dicknity” will come up to them..

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