Domenik Hixon’s Circus TD Catch

Domenik Hixon of the New York Giants has a very impressive juggling TD catch while on his back during the 2nd quarter of the Giants vs Rams Monday Night Football game.  The catch put the G-men up 21-6, but Hixon did get shaken up on the play.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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    This can’t be considered the best play of the year. It should be forgotten by the media, just like TB’s Mike Williams’ circus catch in week 1 of last year. Which in my opinion was much better then Hixon’s catch.

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    Miles Austin had a WAY better, more skillful CATCH against San Francisco. Domeniks had to recover his own failed attempt at a catch… yes I agree, great juggling, but this is not the best catch of a Season.

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    seems that a bunch of people commenting on this obviously highlightable catch have never tried to catch a ball with a defender pulling your arm away from that ball and pushing you away from the ball. IT WAS A GREAT CATCH AND A TESTAMONY TO HIS HAND EYE COODINATION.

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    i dunno wtf you guys are talking about that ball was way under thrown great recovery touchdown right there. Maybe not the play of the year though come on it’s week 2

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    Im A Giants Fan,Extreme concentration by Hicks but it didnt had to be a circus catch it hit him on the shoulder which the ball could of been caught prior to bounce off his shoulder pads.

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    Um, hello? The receiver couldn’t catch the pass the first time and is now lauded when he simply recovers from his own mistake? Not even the best catch of the DAY, let alone SEASON. Weak.

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