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LeBron James Runs Into Two Young Kids, Kids Not Appreciative

Two young kids who were sitting in courtside seats got more than they bargained for on Sunday when LeBron James missed a block and was sent flying directly at them.  To say the youngsters were rattled would be an understatement, as tears ended up coming from the kid who took the brunt of the body blow.  In good form, LeBron did apologize to them.

“I just asked them if they were OK,” James said. “They were smiling. They had two lollipops in their hands. That’s always the cure.”

The Miami Heat ended up beating the Orlando Magic by a score of 90-78.


image via @jose3030

video via ABC

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  1. 1

    so appreciative..Lebron was so nice and respectful…..could not have expected anymore…he was playing the game…he stopped and checked on them…His Mom gave us the lolipops……THANK YOU!!!!

  2. 2

    If a guy that big came flying at me, I think I’d cry too! But, yeah, a lollipop might get me to stop. TWO lollipops definitely would…

  3. 3

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