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The NCAA Needs To Send Itself Back To School For Spelling Errors

Apparently the NCAA Final Four will be held next year either in a small town in Lithuania called Alanta, or we can also assume that a spelling error was made.  We will go with the latter assumption and plan on showing up in Atlanta GA next year around this time.  However, this will still not take the smile off of our faces after seeing this mistake on Monday Night during the NCAA Title game on CBS.


Image and joke via Mocksession 

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    Someone spelled it the way it sounds. Or how some pronounce the city.” ALana”. I guess youy would say it was pronounced “phonically”. Maybe it was Obama trying to teach someone how to spell “Corpseman”.

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    Happens to the best of us. But now at this level that is not suppose to happen. Checks and spot checks proof reads should have caught this

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