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Blake Griffin Dunks All Over Pau Gasol, Twice on Wednesdays

Blake Griffin always enjoys playing the Lakers and the fans in Los Angeles love it even more. Griffin took his talents to the top of Pau Gasol’s head early during the battle for Los Angeles.  In the first quarter, Griffin climbed over the back of Pau Gasol for a fairly incredible putback dunk to earn the Clippers’ first points of the game.


In the third quarter, it was more of the same from Griffin, who dunked on Gasol’s head for the second time in the game:


Andrew Bynum’s facial expression below summed up the second dunk perfectly.

This begs the question: Were the above dunks better than Blake’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins [View That Dunk HERE]?


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  1. 1

    The second dunk was an offensive foul. Blake hammered Gasol with his forearm. Gasol and the Lakers get the last laugh HAH

  2. 2

    LOL thats the highlights of Blake dunking on Gasol,whats the big deal on that,Clippers lose and Lakers win.Sorry Clippers!!

  3. 3
  4. 4

    Exactly… these referees had a bias… let’s just say they are not big fans of foreign players like Gasol… that’s as politically correct as you can put it… I could tell by the way they were handling Gasol that they did not care much about following the rules concerning him… let’s just hope these referees are banned from the playoffs and eventually from the nba.

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  9. 9

    I’d take him over that showboat, overrated, ass Griffin any day.

    Griffin is part of the NBA hype machine.

    Clippers lost anyway and Griffin didn’t dominate stat wise.

  10. 10
  11. 11

    Sucks for Gasol, but he wouldve been better of jumping and attempting the block and throwing the dunk off since he got called for the foul anyway on the second one and the first one was over the back

  12. 12

    Both dunks could have been called Offensive fouls, it’s the NBA where it ain’t a foul unless your bleeding. That is the way they play in the streets anyway.

  13. 13

    The first one was over the back. Still fun to watch people, especially Gasol, get dunked on because he already looks homeless with that beard and facial expression. And he soft.

  14. 14

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  15. 15

    Just because Gasol doesn’t play like he’s from the ghetto doesn’t mean he’s soft. I’ve been critical of him at time until I really started following the Lakers. Gasol can also through in the clutch.

  16. 16

    Embarrassing for Pau, but in the the end Griffin didn’t have a great game, the Lakers won and Pau also blocked some of Griffin’s shots late in the game. Pau doesn’t have the bulk, but he still handled Griffin in the long run despite a couple of highlights.

  17. 17

    That’s all Griffin can do is dunk he can’t shot outside can’t play defense why is he Super star. Gasol 2 Championship Ring plays defense and can shoot inside and Outside block 2 of Griffin shot won the game and won season series . I’ll take Gasol over Griffin

  18. 18

    it has nothing to do with “playing like he’s from the ghetto” as you put it. gasol whines after every play and that is what makes him soft! maybe if he played like he was from the ghetto he would not cry and whine after every play. and that goes for all the players that constantly whine. gasol is one of the most skilled post players in the game but he is soft.

  19. 19

    What’s missing in this report by Backyard is that on both dunks griffin fouled Gasol; 1. Over the back is and always has been a foul; 2. Clearing out with the left arm to Gasol’s grill where he actually pushes Gasol out of the way is an offensive foul. I’m not at all impressed with Griffin as a BB player, where’s the rest of his game? I’m 52 5’9 250 lbs. and I can score on Griffin. He also sets up camp in teh lane and doesn’t get 3 second calls against him, he is one dimensional and BTW the Lakers won the game; Bynum 36 and Kobe 31… CP 3 22 and Griffin 15 not great numbers for a Superstar!!!

  20. 20

    Robert Houston…No the Fu*k u can’t…Go sit ur old fat Azz down somewhere & stop kidding urself….hahahha. foh!

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  24. 24

    First one was over the back. 2nd looked legit. You always see guys blocking themselves with the other arm on a lay-up..how is that different? They give him those dunks because it’s publicity for the league. I guarantee you that not one person in the stands was there to see Gasol get a dunk. They wanted to see Kobe play and Griffin dunk. Go ahead an fine him. Clippers will pay him more next year to do that again.

  25. 25

    The first one is Gasol’s fault for not attempting to box out. I don’t care what league it is, if you make no effort to box out, I’m not giving you that call either. Especially when the offensive player just crammed it on your mug! Basic rebounding 101, find someone to box and get a body on them. If they jump over you at that point, whistle blows were going the other way, EVERY TIME!

    The second one, yes he led with his off arm but he’s also allowed to protect himself because Gasol was 1. In the circle, 2. stepping under someone in the air. 3. made contact at the same time as with his hand as Griffen’s arm. Block every day. You’re late on your rotation you’re not getting the call. Might have tee’d him up though for the taunt!

    Griffins fun to watch, he’s not championship material. He at least makes the regular season tolerable to watch!

  26. 26
  27. 27

    Griffin is an amazing dunker…..period. Gasol is a much better player, well rounded on offense and defense. Gasol has championship rings — something Griffin will never have! The NBA and fans love to see amazing dunks, regardless if the player commits a foul in the act of slamming one down – as in the case in both of these dunks, in my opinion.

  28. 28
  29. 29

    blake griffin is a huge BUM!!!!!!! it was a offense foul to shove ur arm into the defender in order to dunk the ball…. the real king of L.A. KOBE BRYANT has ice water in his veins as he was just money late in the game….

  30. 30

    Im guessing you dont know what the rules are for that kind of play. 1. the player can protect themselves 2. They never call offensive fouls when the defender is facing the other direction.

  31. 31

    They do when its over the back. And on the other play it should have been a fould for shoving him to the ground after the dunk.

  32. 32

    Neither play was a foul in the NBA. If anything, Gasol committed a foul on the second dunk. Butt hurt Lakers fans are showing their basketball IQs. BTW, I think the Clippers stink.

  33. 33

    Sick dunks but both fouls in my opinion. Gasol is a great player and I don’t consider him soft. However, he could benefit by hitting the weights and hopefully putting on 15 or 20 lbs of muscle…

  34. 34

    Ok, that’cool… But who’s team won??? Wasn’t dunkin Blakes team… And when they needed him down the stretch, was not to be found…

  35. 35

    Lots of Clipper hater. I agree that those dunks shouldn’t be celebrated because we lost the game. I would prefer to have seen the Clippers win and extend their 6 game win streak. The Lakers played a good game but the Clippers have to realize that they can not continue to be down by 15 or more points and fight back to get in the game. It takes too much effort. They need to play defense from the start to finish of the game. Just lets get into the playoffs and quit worrying about dunking the ball. GO CLIPPERS!!!

  36. 36

    Once Dunk could be considered over the back but I would let that slide but the second dunk was a flat out foul on Blake for the blatent forearm to the face/throat!…..

    Funny at the Clipper hater comment.. HOW are there Clipper haters? You have to do something in order to be hated!!!

  37. 37

    Maybe you should learn some rules about playing basketball.. How about you and I go to the court and I’ll forearm you in the face/throat and than you can tell me if it was a foul on you!… Maybe you need to read some books about basketball since your talking about IQ!….

  38. 38
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  40. 40

    This really hurt a lot of feelings wow, ..wasn’t the intention of this piece just to show the two dunks, exactly who cares if Griffin can’t shoot a lick, the Fakers still won, but those were nice(if this was Kobe, it would just be a player defending himself while throwing down)…even Bynum appreciated that last one, watch him cringe
    ….still think Durant’s on Gasol was better, straight up…

  41. 41
  42. 42

    Both of those dunks were fouls but the refs seem to have Blake and La Queen Jane under contract.These two wannabe get away with more fouls than the rest of the team.Blake is a dunk freak.That is the only shot he has and knows.That is the big reason he can”t make4 a free-throw,because he has”nt figuered out how to dunk it.

  43. 43

    This Blake is going to turn out just like La Queen Jane in demanding that management get more superstars so the Ippers can win,not 1,not 2,not3,but 7NBA titles like his wannabe buddy,La Queen Jane predicted.The Ippers will get blown out in the first round,if they make it.

  44. 44

    Why do sportswritters always glorify losers?Blake and La Queen Jane are the most over-rated players in the NBA to date.La Queen Jane predicted 7 NBA titles,to date ZERO.9yrs in the league,on his way out because of his age(35) and he will not win an NBA ring as long as the Black Mamba is around.As for Blake and his only shot(THE SLAM DUNK) will never win either,unless he gets management to get him a few more superstars like La Queen did with the Heat.But that is”nt working either because old age has caught up with Wade and(Snoop)Bosh and La Queen Jane,and the other players are getting younger coming out of college.

  45. 45
  46. 46
  47. 47

    Stop with the complaining that second dunk obviously wasn’t a foul. The first one you could argue (over the back) but that looked clean. Pau was going to get dunked on. He did not push him, his arm was extended but he was already coming down on top of him. So its not a foul.
    Pau just whining because he got posterized.

  48. 48

    How can you take a running jump from behind someone, make contact which pushes the player out of position, your momentum and contact shoves the player to the ground, and it not be called an over the back foul? Ridiculous. The other dunk was a straight elbow to the face to create space. I think Griffin gets a pass because he is a highlight reel and that is the only reason people watch the Clippers.

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