61-Year-Old Woman Makes Her Debut in MMA and A Very Important Lesson in Taunting

The reported 61-year-old Sue Hemenway took the MMA world by surprise this weekend at a Michigan Battle League event this past weekend when she stepped foot inside a MMA sanctioned event. The fight itself was really nothing and goes as you would expect a fight between a 20-year-old and a 60-year-old to go. I did hope that Sue would land at least one or two shots but the much younger compeitor dove and and tackled down her elder with. I don’t think I’m alone and assuming that Sue broke her hip on the way down to the mat.

In other bottom shelf MMA show news, here is a nice reminder to all fighters out there that if your last name isn’t Diaz, you never drop your deuces and talk trash because you might just get Jean-Claude Van Damme like this poor sucker. Bang Biscuit!

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