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Sports Fans: Never Miss a Game This Summer Thanks To TV Everywhere


Summer is rocking and we have finally found the perfect opportunity to catch up on all our favorite TV programs, even when we are out on-the-go. The service (and savior) is called TV Everywhere ( which is a multi-device viewing experience offered to verified TV service provider customers through websites and apps, included with your


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New ‘SportsCenter’ Ad Starring Yasiel Puig Is Hilarious

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Walk-up music made its way from baseball games to ESPN staff meetings in the newest “SportsCenter” ad. In the commercial, Yasiel Puig chooses the perfect walk-up music before his presentation. Stan Verrett, on the other hand, soon finds out that Hanson’s “Mmmbop” probably isn’t the best option. Related Content 20 Mind-Bending Sports Facts Charlotte McKinney’s



This Pomeranian Puppy Has The Most Aggressive Sneeze Of All Time

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Aggressive sneezers, I’ll let you finish. But Roux The Pomeranian had one of the most aggressive sneezes of all time! Seriously, this puppy’s sneeze is ridiculous. It doesn’t even sound like a sneeze, it sounds like a demon took over its body for two seconds. [Reddit] Related Content 20 Mind-Bending Sports Facts Charlotte McKinney’s Instagram