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World’s Worst Art Thief Doesn’t Fool Anyone


A would-be thief recently attempted to lift a commemorative World War I art piece at Castle Fine Art Gallery in Birmingham, England, but he forgot the key element to any good art heist: being inconspicuous. In fact, this guy was the complete opposite of that, and was promptly stopped immediately upon exiting. Between all his



Kobayashi And A Hamster Engage In An Adorable Hot Dog Eating Contest

Screenshot 2014-09-17 at 12

A hamster stuffing itself full of tiny hot dogs would have been adorable enough but the folks over HelloDenizen then upped the ante by framing the “cute small animal eats itself silly” concept by adding world famous competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi to the mix. Amazingly, Kobayashi seems to stuff almost as many hot dogs into