Startup Founder Used Tinder To Identify Suspected Thief

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Bay Area startup company Buildzoom was experiencing an unusual problem back in July. It appeared that the company’s computers and tablets were disappearing from right under its nose. Buildzoom co-founder David Petersen recalled how he alerted to the problem of the missing equipment: “An employee, he called me on my way to work and he


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Why The SOLOSHOT2 Is a Game-Changer


Just to be very clear, I was not paid by Soloshot and I did not receive any free equipment to keep (they gave me a loaner for a couple weeks), I just really like the damn thing. I also took some video which I will be posting in a couple weeks so you can really


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Steve Ballmer Declares The Clippers An Apple-Free Franchise

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There’s no “I” in “Team”, and thanks to Steve Ballmer, there will be no “i” in the Clippers’ organization under his new regime (knowing how competitive Ballmer is, he’d probably even change the Clippers’ name in order to eliminate the letter “i” entirely). In a piece published by Reuters late Wednesday, the former Microsoft CEO



Ice Bucket Challenge Continues with Mark Zuckerberg Nominating Bill Gates and Other Very Rich People


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from New Jersey governor Chris Christie before proceeding to nominate three very well-known and wealthy people: Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook) and Reed Hastings (Founder & CEO, Netflix). Within seconds, Zuckerberg launched the most powerful and expensive string of Ice Bucket Challenge invites yet. [genericon


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Google Doodle Mocks Arjen Robben’s World Cup Dive


Google sent a team to Brazil to exclusively construct live World Cup doodles for the month-long tournament. While the tech geniuses have created numerous designs already, their best might be the one below. It mocks Arjen Robben of the Netherlands for his infamous flop versus Mexico in the Round of 16.   [Bleacher Report]



LiveLight: Algorithm Automatically Removes Boring Parts from Videos

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Many home videos or even professionally shot videos are hilarious, heartwarming or disgusting but most contain endless seconds, if not minutes, of pointless footage. The brilliant folks at Carnegie Mellon University have created an application to automatically remove those boring and unnecessary parts from videos. LiveLight uses an algorithm to constantly evaluate certain actions and


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Derrick Coleman’s Inspiring Journey To The NFL: An Interview With The Super Bowl Champion On Overcoming Obstacles and Teaming Up To Tackle Global Hearing Loss

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

Adversity is inevitable. It has numerous faces and presents itself in an abundance of  fashions. It is often discouraging, is sometimes lethal, and will certainly drain one’s hope if not opposed by perseverance. If human beings all have one exceptional attribute in common, it’s a specific ability to endure hardship and flourish in the face of