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This Dwight Howard and Steph Curry Stat Is Mind-Blowing


Dwight Howard is 56-of-137 from the free-throw line this postseason. Steph Curry is 57-of-134 from three-point territory this postseason. — Tommy Beer (@TommyBeer) May 24, 2015 If you are in the Steph Curry camp, this is a good stat. If you are in the Dwight Howard camp, this is not a good stat. If you don’t



Marco Wilson Makes The One-Handed Backflip Catch To Rule Them All

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 2.25.03 PM

One-handed backflip catches apparently are a trend now, but we aren’t complaining. Perhaps the best one yet was posted by four-star cornerback Marco Wilson. The 16-year-old, whose brother is Florida Gators cornerback Quincy Wilson, jogged into the endzone and well, you can just watch the rest. Because regular one-handed catches aren’t cool enough anymore. [h/t Bleacher Report]



72-Year-Old Woman Claims Tom Brady’s Innocence In Her Obituary


Tom Brady’s four-game suspension didn’t sit well with his fans, and it especially didn’t sit well with 72-year-old Patricia Shong. Shong passed away on May 18, but she made sure to set the record straight regarding Brady and Deflategate in her obituary stating, “Brady is innocent!” Some woman decided to defend Tom Brady one last time in


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Here Are 50 Really Wonderful Photos Of Surfer Jimena Ochoa


Seductive Mexican surfer Jimena Ochoa is quite an amazing surfer, but she’s also quite the looker. The lovely Jimena is part of Team Reef Mexico and has appeared in Playboy Mexico, GQ and H Para Hombres magazine. Jimena has been surfing since she was 13-years-old after conquering her fear of the ocean. You can see