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Here Is Your First Look At Tim Tebow In Eagles Gear With Amazing Hair


Welcome to the City of Brotherly Love, @TimTebow! #FlyEaglesFly — Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) April 20, 2015 In an order to create a completely useless post, we have decided to simply embed a Tweet of Tim Tebow wearing Eagles gear into this empty space. Look out ESPN, we are coming for you. [PHOTOS] After signing



Well, Philadelphia Sure Seems Excited About This Whole Tim Tebow Thing

tebow pretzel

After bringing him in for a workout last month, it was reported on Sunday that the Philadelphia Eagles plan on signing Tim Tebow. Welcome to Philly, @TimTebow! — PhillyPretzelFactory (@PPFpretzels) April 20, 2015 It seems that Philadelphia is pretty damn excited about the prospect of acquiring a nominally-interesting second-string quarterback with, erhm, unique talents



New ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Promises Bigger, Badder Dinosaurs

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‘Jurassic World’ dropped another trailer on Monday that gives a fairly nice synopsis of the plot and what to expect when the movie rumbles into theaters on June 12th. It seems that, in order to drive up attendance at the fully-functional Jurassic Park, scientists create a super-intelligent, super-strong T-Rex-like dinosaur called Indomitus Rex which escapes