GoPro Camera Falls From Flying Airplane And Crash-Lands In Pig Pen

Camera falls from airplane and lands in pig pen

Remember kids keep your GoPro securely fastened, especially while flying, otherwise you might find it in the grossest places possible. This amazing footage comes when a GoPro camera falls out of a plane while recording. The plummeting camera captures the scary descent until it plops into a pig pen. What’s a pig supposed to do



Is This The Best Basketball Shot Of The Year?

Marvey'o Otey drills amazing shot

Virginia High School basketball player Marvey’o Otey definitely waited til the last minute to submit his bid for best basketball shot of the year, but it was definitely worth it. As Otey is falling out of bounds he saves the ball with a behind-the-back toss and hurls it in the air where it magically swishes


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Stephanie Roche Scores Goal Of The Year Contender


We take you to the Women’s National League of Ireland where Stephanie Roche of Peamount United scored one of the finest goals you will ever see. The 27-year-old Roche takes a pass in the center of the field, volleys the ball twice before unleashing this powerful goal. Peamount went on to win 6-1.


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Darth Vader As Performed By Arnold Schwarzenegger [Video]

darth schwarzenegger

There are few things on this planet I find more entertaining than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Star Wars (the Holy Trilogy, not the new stuff).  Someone, some beautiful kind soul, has taken scenes from the Holy Trilogy and dubbed Arnie’s voice over them.  It’s amazing how well it all works. What is equally amazing is that


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Joe Morgan Scores Acrobatic Touchdown [VIDEO]


Saints’ wide receiver Joe Morgan’s third catch of the year was a great one. He not only somehow manages to keep his knees from hitting the ground while he spins around the first defender, but also flips Tampa Bay cornerback E.J. Biggers as he stands up. Amazing!


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LucidSportsFan’s Awesome Old Song of the Week


In 1993 and 1994 Aerosmith released 3 singles that all sounded very much alike, with each of the videos featuring Alicia Silverstone.  Even the titles were similar; Cryin’, Crazy, and Amazing.  I think Crazy was probably my favorite video of the bunch.  It starred Liv Tyler as well, and I remember seeing it over and over again on MTV in


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Kyle Rudolph Circus Catch vs Broncos


Kyle Rudolph, the Notre Dame prodigy and former high school basketball star, makes this amazing behind the helmet catch vs. the Broncos on Sunday. Not only did he make the catch surrounded by three defenders but he also did it on a pass interference call.


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The Greatest Frisbee Throw And Catch Ever. Period.

brodie smith

This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. This is a toss by Brodie Smith, Frisbee trick shot legend, from the Narrows Bridge in Perth, Australia. The distance is impressive but the LEAPING CATCH FROM A SPEEDBOAT is what really ties the room together: Smith said the throw was off the Narrows Bridge