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Joe Namath Parties With Twin 100 Year-Old Women


Broadway Joe is still making the ladies swoon, and the latest ladies to enjoy the presence of Joe Namath are twins Anna Campani and Josephine Benciveng who celebrated their 100th birthday party (they are twins) this past Friday. Namath who lives in Tequesta also made an appearance at their last birthday party when they turned



Adrian Peterson Celebrated His 30th Birthday With A Camel


That moment when your client comes into his 30th birthday party on a camel! Sultan Style! #30AllDay #janedeux #arabiannights #adrianpeterson #janedeuxevents #houstoneventplanners A photo posted by Jane Deux Event Management (@janedeux) on Mar 22, 2015 at 11:42am PDT Adrian Peterson’s 30th birthday came and went over the weekend and the running back apparently decided to



This Sad Tweet By Lindsay Lohan Is The Saddest Tweet


Can someone just show the young lady some shine! Lindsay Lohan would like everyone to remember that it is her 27th birthday, so please don’t forget about her in your Happy Birthday Tweets. Especially you, Huff Post. Lindsay deleted the Tweet later, but we still have a screenshot.


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Manny Ramirez’s New Team Celebrate His Birthday In Style


Apparently, I am way out of the loop with baseball as I was not aware that Manny Ramirez is still in the swing of things far far away from American soil. The pictures above depict Manny’s Taiwanese teammates of the EDA Rhinos celebrating his 40th birthday, as the whole squad wore dreadlock caps complete with


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Michael Jordan Rookie Cards Happy Birthday!


As we embark upon All-Star Sunday and Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday, today is the perfect opportunity to reflect upon a man that set a precedent for so many players to come. While debates rage forward into the future over who is the best player, true fans know that without MJ the game would’t be what


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Torrey Smith Gets a Torrey Smith Bust Birthday Cake [Pictures]


Torrey Smith has had a pretty incredible past week. First he celebrated his 24th birthday with a very lifelike cake of himself, and this coming Sunday he will be playing in Super Bowl XLVII. Torrey recently tweeted out a picture of his birthday cake, and I’d imagine it took quite a while for someone to



Happy Birthday Michael Jordan

MJ the Chain Dunk

I don’t usually like birthday posts, but for the greatest of all time, I’ll make an exception. Today, Michael Jordan turns 49 marking 9 years since his last game of professional basketball. Since then he has stayed an avid gambler, maintained ownership of a very bad NBA team and got engaged to an incredibly hot