NBA Playoffs Nixing The Stigma That It’s A “Player’s League”

Pacers head coach Frank Vogel

After one of the greatest early round games in NBA playoff history, fans were treated to transcendent performances by some of the Eastern Conference’s brightest stars. Luis Scola, D.J. Augustin, and DeMar DeRozan carried their teams in must-win situations, wait…..what? Well, when some of your highest paid players resemble this gentleman spotted with Selena Gomez


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Carlos Boozer Punches Referee Squarely In The Groin


Carlos Boozer needs a little bit of work on his celebrations, you can confirm that with referee Danny Crawford. Boozer had just finished nailing a layup which he got fouled on, and as he did a nice celebration fist punch his hand found Danny Crawford’s groin. In what could have been a much worse situation,


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Carlos Boozer Is A Jedi


Have you ever wondered why 6’9″, 266 pound, muscle bound Carlos Boozer always settles for a 10 foot turnaround jumper instead of using his giant frame to get inside the paint, despite of the mismatch? Well, that’s because he is actually a Jedi warrior and when you are a Jedi, you have this ability called


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Josh Smith and Carlos Boozer Nearly Throw Down

Josh Smith took exception to Carlos Boozer’s elbow, which seemed intentional, and decided to shove Carlos in the back fairly hard. The two had a stare down for a bit before cooler headed teammates were able to separate the two. The Chicago Bulls ended up beating the Atlanta Hawks 95 – 83 in Chicago to



Derrick Rose Has Another MVP Type Game… Helps Send Boston Packing


Derrick Rose scored 30 points and helped the Chicago Bulls take a major step closer to clinching the top seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Rose was a highlight reel once again including an incredible cross-over on Rajon Rondo with a circus layup to finish off the play (video below). Luol Deng scored 23 points,