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Greg Oden Dancing Is a Sight To Behold


Old brittle bones was looking like a very young man as he danced with the Eastern Conference championship trophy on Friday night in Miami. I have to admit, it is impossible to not love Greg Oden and root for him to get a Championship trophy (especially if it gives us more videos of him dancing).


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Tulsa’s Bench Players Know How To Get Down


The Tulsa Golden Hurricane knocked off Louisiana Tech by a score of 69-60 this weekend which officially landed them in the NCAA tournament as Conference USA champions. Down the stretch against Louisiana Tech, James Woodard sealed the deal with a pair of free throws and the Tulsa bench celebrated with some great dance moves. [Bleacher



This Dancing Cop Is Just Crushing Mardi Gras

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The official Mardi Gras 2014 date is today and – as is the case every year – people have been having a lot of fun in the weeks leading up to the festivities. There’s a good chance that nobody is having as much fun as this gray-haired cop however, who is just putting an absolute