Brett Favre’s Nephew Got Picked Off In Spectacular Fashion

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Brett Favre’s nephew, Dylan Favre, is the starting quarterback for Tennessee-Martin and – for better and for worse – he’s taking after ol’ uncle. Favre chucked up this pass during Saturday’s game against Kentucky and safety A.J. Stamps went up and made a sick one-handed grab to come down with the interception. Unfortunately for Favre



Willie Cauley-Stein Scooting Through A Campus Near You


Willie Cauley-Stein is enjoying the temporary perks of the unfortunate ending to his season. The ankle injury he suffered in Kentucky’s Sweet Sixteen victory over Louisville turned into an ankle surgery a few days ago. Possibly due to the injury, Cauley-Stein also withdrew his name from this year’s loaded NBA draft pool of prospects; a draft



Tucker Max Paid $25,000 To Hang With John Calipari

Tucker Max and John Calipari

Tucker Max, who authored the popular books ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ and ‘Assholes Finish First’ had a bro-date with John Calipari earlier this week. So why exactly were the two hanging out? Well according to Deadspin, while Max was participating at Coach Cal’s Basketball Fantasy Experience at the UK facilities last September, the


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The University Of Louisville Would Prefer If Students Didn’t Light Their Couches On Fire During Game Against Kentucky


The University of Louisville is set to take on Kentucky in a Sweet 16 matchup of the NCAA tournament on Friday, and the university really wants their couches to make it out alive regardless of the winner. Apparently, couch fires are sweeping the Louisville campus…that’s the only explanation as to why the university’s on-campus housing