The Results Of This Most-Hated NBA Teams By State Poll Won’t Shock You


Yesterday, redditor kmhokies35 conducted a simple poll on r/nba, asking two basic questions: 1) Which state are you from?, and 2) Which NBA team do you hate the most? After 42,067 responses were tabulated, the poll determined that — and we hope you’re sitting down — everyone hates the Heat and Lakers! We can understand



Swaggy P Wore Customized Jersey To Ride Zamboni At Kings Game

Swaggy P Zamboni

Nick Young had a career year for the LA Lakers this season, averaging nearly 18 ppg. On Tuesday, during the LA Kings’ playoff game with the San Jose Sharks, Swaggy P got to ride the Zamboni while wearing a custom Kings jersey. Swaggy P’s zamboni ride wasn’t good luck for LA as the Sharks beat them 4-3 in overtime,



The Lakers Got Beef With Each Other…About 400 Pounds Worth


Newly added Los Angeles Lakers big men Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre have beef which other.  No, not like that, they bought a cow, or at least the 400 pounds of beef that comes with it post-slaughter. According to ESPN Los Angeles, condition coach Tim DiFrancesco inspired the idea and is splitting it with them


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What To Watch – 4/17/2013


Thuuz Sports is a SF Francisco based sports tech startup and makers of the award winning Thuuz mobile app for Android and iPhone devices. Each Day we will give you the top games to look out for – the games that will be most exciting each day. Sabres vs. Bruins 4:30pm PST – 93 Thuuz



Steve Nash Makes 4-Year-Old Cry


No, Steve Nash did not literally make this adorable 4-year-old girl from Phoenix cry, but his recent move to the Los Angeles Lakers is breaking the hearts of Suns fans of all ages. In this YouTube video from TheNoeleve83, a mother tells her daughter that Steve Nash is no longer a Phoenix Sun and she doesn’t


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Steve Nash Traded to… LA Kings?


Even after their first Stanley Cup Win, it looks like the media still doesn’t know what the Los Angeles Kings actually are. News station CP24 in Toronto reported that Steve Nash had been traded to the hockey team from LA and not one of the city’s basketball teams. The Canadian point guard has actually been



Brandon Roy Planning Comeback

Portland Trail Blazers v Golden State Warriors

In news that will only add to the legend of the Trail Blazers injury curse former all-star Brandon Roy, who retired for medical reasons just last season, announced via Will Conroy’s Twitter account that he is planning to return to the NBA next season. Conroy and Roy are both from the Seattle area and are


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Pau Gasol Relieved To Still Be a Laker


After the NBA trade deadline, Los Angeles Laker, Pau Gasol, took to YouTube to address the Laker nation about how relieved he is to still be wearing his Laker uniform. Gasol was the talk of many trade rumors by the Lakers when they were trying to make a move to acquire Orlando Magic center, Dwight


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Dwight Howard Staying With Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard

After all the drama, and what seemed to be an almost certain exit for Dwight Howard, the superstar center will not opt out of his contract with the Orlando Magic to pursue free agency. This has been the center of much attention for Howard and the Magic for what seems like a lifetime now, and