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Robin Van Persie Walks Into Wrong Locker Room


Robin Van Persie pulled a Jose Calderon today before the Manchester United striker’s team took on Arsenal at Emirates Stadium Sunday. The former captain for Arsenal arrived at the stadium and gave a few hugs to some old mates, and then headed for what he thought was his locker room. However, he was mistaken as


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Oregon Has A Fairly Impressive Locker Room


If I am a recruit in high school and I see this video my choice of what college to attend is immediately locked.  This place reminds me of a combination of a fancy tour bus and a great men’s club.  Sign me up to not play at all but crack a few beers on some



Chelsea FC Kick Jacob Mellis Off Squad For Smoke Bomb Prank


Chelsea FC young gun, Jacob  Mellis, has been kicked off ofthe club after he set off a smoke bomb in the club’s locker room. The prank may have been harmless, but it set off the fire alarm, caused a full scale evacuation from the training grounds and fire marshals had to be brought in. The


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Nate Robinson Gives Dave Chappelle a Taste of His Own Medicine in the Warriors Locker Room


Dave Chappelle wound up in the Warriors’ locker room Monday night after Golden State’s big win over the LA Clippers. The video below shows Chappelle kickin’ it with Steph Curry when an off-camera Nate Robinson gives us a solid impression of the comedian. We’re used to Chappelle impersonating other athletes/celebrities, so Nate challenging the master


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Ray Lewis Loses With Class


This is one of the best post game conferences I have ever seen following such a devastating and disappointing loss.  Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens address the media in the locker room following the Ravens losing a heart breaker to The Patriots.  Ray kept it classy and addressed the media’s questions on Billy Cundiff and you couldn’t draw