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Niklas Kronwall Levels Jakub Voracek With Massive Check


Niklas Kronwall’s hit on Jakub Voracek Tuesday night was one that you could feel through the TV.  The Detroit Red Wings were playing the Philadelphia Flyers in Detroit and nearly midway through the second period Kronwall laid the back of his shoulder into the body of Voracek and absolutely crushed him.  Voracek got up immediately


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Alex Ovechkin Hip-Checks P.K. Subban Back Into 1985


Alex Ovechkin absolutely crushes P.K. Subban on Tuesday night during the Montreal Canadians win over the Washington Capitals 3-2. We had linked earlier in the day to the “Perfect Hip Check,” and apparently Alex took notice and decided to put his learnings into action.  Enjoy the video. via (Bro Bible)



Ted Ginn Jr. Knocks Mike Scifres on his Head

In Thursday Night’s NFL game between the San Diego Chargers and the San Francisco 49ers Ted Ginn Jr. ran a kick back and delivered a massive shot to Mike Scifres.  The hit was so big it left Mike directly upside down on his head.