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Lollapalooza Reveals 2014 Lineup: Outkast, Eminem & Nas Lead The Way


Lollapalooza has revealed their much anticipated 2014 summer festival lineup, and it’s fu**ing amazing. The festival organizers broke the internet early on Wednesday morning, after unleashing an impressive array of performing acts for this summer’s festival. Beginning with the largest and most impressive names, Chicago will see Outkast, Eminem, Kings Of Leon, and Nas bring


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Nas Performs NFL Draft Promo [Sad Face]


Nas is easily one of my top 3 MC’s, but this year Esco may be taking a step back on that list.  Nasty Nas ended up doing some X-Games promos which were fine, but what followed them up was this piece in promotion for the NFL Draft.  I love my man Nas and I know


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Vice and Project X’s Party Legends


Vice has launched a series of ten videos featuring different celebrities explaining the craziest parties they’ve ever been to. The series is promoting Warner Brothers’ upcoming film Project X. The ‘party legends’ chosen include Snoop Dogg, Johnny Knoxville, Ken Jeong, Nas, Tyler The Creator, Christina Milian, Nick Swardson, Big Sean and A-Trak. With such an


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Jay-Z Brings Out Nas At Carnegie Hall, Also Performs ‘Glory’ For First Time

(Photo: Gabriela Herman)

Jay-Z became the first rapper to headline a show at the famous Carnegie Hall (Wyclef is not a rapper), and true to form he murdered it.  He performed ‘Glory‘ for the first time and also brought out a resident New Yorker, Nas.  Enjoy. [youtube width="640" height="390"][/youtube] [youtube width="640" height="390"][/youtube] [youtube width="640" height="390"][/youtube] via Shes So Major via SC