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Nintendo Will Soon Allow You To Make Your Own Mario Levels


Nintendo has done everything it could possibly think of when it comes to their ever so popular Italian plumber. Mario has gone toe-to-toe with dinosaurs, raced in go-karts, been to space, played tennis with a tie-wearing gorilla and he’s even had the opportunity to fight Pikachu and Solid Snake. Now, in the last frontier of



The Last Time The Pittsburgh Pirates Were Over .500


The Pittsburgh Pirates won their 81st game of the season for the first time since 1992, something that they have gotten so close to the past two years and have come up short. To realize astoundingly long the Pittsburgh Pirates have been a sub-.500 team, here are some things that will put it into perspective:


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E3 – A Review


There’s no denying the fact that I’m a gamer.  I love to play video games and have since I got my first Atari 2600.  When I was given the opportunity to attend this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo and review it for Cosby Sweaters I jumped at the chance.  I took Wednesday off and headed downtown


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Things That Suck About Being a Lefty Kid


My childhood was slightly traumatized by being left handed.  Here’s a list in reverse order of the worst things that a lefty kid has to deal with: 4. Those crappy green scissors: In school when it was time to cut things, the first thing I had to do was find the pair of scissors with the