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New Specs On The Next Gen XBox Durango Leaked


There has been a lot of speculation lately about just how powerful the new console from Microsoft, code named the Xbox “Durango”, would be.  It seems there has been a small leak of information detailing exactly what will be included in the new console.  First, here’s a picture of how everything is wired together:  



Tebow Benched In Sporting Goods Store Display

tebow display

  Poor Tim Tebow. It seems like even after last year’s miracle run with the Denver Broncos he still can’t catch a break. The worst part is that it’s really through no fault of his own. He’s taken roughly 80 snaps this season and happened to be injured the one week they finally had no


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First Look At The ‘Air Jordan XX8′ [Video]


The latest Air Jordan’s have been revealed by the good folks at Jordan Brand, and they will definitely be talked about moving forward.  Retail price is supposed to be right around the $250 mark.   Russell Westbrook will play in the Air Jordan XX8’s Tuesday night against the Nets inside Barclays Center.  What do you think of


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Robin Lopez Freaks Out On Splash Mountain


Robin Lopez is not a small man, he clocks in at seven-feet tall and 255 lbs. He averages around 10 points and 6 rebounds per game for the Hornets. What you may not know about this large fellow and coordinated gentleman is that he does NOT enjoy Splash Mountain at Disneyland. Check out the perfect


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What Is Going On With Andrew Bynum’s Hair?


Can ANYONE please explain to me what is going on here?  Andrew Bynum just doesn’t care anymore, or did he ever? We just recently learned that Andrew may not make his debut on the court in Philly until January, so maybe he felt it was time to really let his hair breathe? The Philadelphia 76ers