In Korean Politics, A Councilman Egged A Mayor Over A Baseball Stadium

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Mayor Ahn-Sang-soo of Changwon approved a motion to move the baseball stadium for expansion team NC Dinos from Jinhae to Masan and one councilman was less than pleased. Kim Sung-il, representative of Jinhae, chose an unorthodox way to voice his displeasure with the mayor’s decision. Instead of issuing a statement voicing his displeasure, Kim decided


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Mike Ditka Blames Himself For Allowing Obama To Be President


We don’t like to get very political over here, but sometimes you read things that make you tilt your head and say “wat?” According to NESN, when Obama was primed to run for the Illinois senate in 2004, Ditka considered running opposite him on the Republican ticket. Ultimately, Iron Mike chose not to run due



Jeff Wagner Threw His Hat In The Ring For Mayor Of Minneapolis By Telling Everyone To ‘Wake The F*ck Up!’


When you think of the great political slogans throughout history popular sayings such as “Yes We Can,” “Read My Lips,” and “Peace and Prosperity.” Well now you can add “Wake the F*ck Up!” to the list. That’s the exactly the platform that Minneapolis mayoral candidate Jeffrey Wagner is running on. In the bizarre advertisement Wagner


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The Politics Of Beer In One Simple Chart

beer chart

The National Journal did one heck of a great deal of research to come up with these insights. You can read their first piece HERE which gives insight into what your beer says about your politics, and now we have one simple chart to rule them all. Any truth to this in your life? [National



Kate Upton Helps Congressman Uncle Get Re-Elected


United States Congressman Fred Upton, from Michigan’s 6th District, won re-election Tuesday night, but it wasn’t easy. The state representative has been in office since 1987, and until this year had received less than 60% of the vote only once. He went up against a strong challenger in Democrat Mike O’Brien, and won with only


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RIP, Porn Industry — For Now

(Photo by Joe Kohen/AP Images for AIDS Healthcare Foundation)

Los Angeles County’s quest to push all film and television production out of Southern California got a boost Tuesday night with the passage of Measure B, the controversial ballot measure requiring condoms for adult film shoots. Over the years, Hollywood studios have moved their productions to cheaper pastures, and with the passage of Measure B,