Atleticó Ball Boy Tries To Make Cristiano Ronaldo Look Stupid

Cristiano Ronaldo pranked by incredibly brave ball boy

This Atlético Madrid ball boy has a lot of balls. Instead of bowing down to Cristiano Ronaldo, the ball boy told the Real Madrid star to go fetch. Ronaldo would get his revenge in the 82nd minute by scoring the equalizing goal and tying the match at 2-2.  Much respect to the youngster who became


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Pedro León’s outrageous fifty yard lob for Getafe

pedro león   Pedro León never really got a shot at Real Madrid, but he is settling into his new permanent home of Getafe and unleashed an absurd and skillful 50 yard chip that left Real Betis’ Guillermo Sara flailing his goalie arms to no avail. Leon added a second as Getafe leads 3-0 in the first half. [reddit]


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Saturday Mornin Soccer: Upset City. Manchester that is.

Aston Villa v Manchester City - Andreas Weiman

England’s Premier Aston Villa 3 Manchester City 2 Despite the loss of Christian Benteke, Villa came back twice to beat City in an exciting match and big win for the home side. Andreas Weiman’s tap around Joe Hart sealed the win as it rolled into goal past the outstretched leg of Nastasic. Manchester United 1