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Carli Lloyd & Kobe Bryant Double Team Twitter Troll

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Kobe Bryant dished up an assist on Monday night as the Lakers guard helped USWNT player and World Cup star Carli Lloyd set a Twitter troll straight. It wasn’t nearly as vicious as some instances of severe squashing but enough for the troll to wiggle away with his tail between his legs. It started with one



Damian Lillard Wallops Twitter Troll with Serious Burn


Damian Lillard is a better basketball player than you and he is also better at Twitter than you. After the Blazers played in Miami on Wednesday, and apparently experiencing some beautiful south Florida weather, they headed northwest to face the Magic, where the weather was far from lovely. As a result, Lillard made a couple


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Tony Dungy’s NFL MVP Vote Proves He Has Lost His Damn Mind


I am not sure if Tony Dungy just likes trolling the universe or what, but him voting Bobby Wagner for MVP is just ridiculous. I would have understood if he would have come out the next day and admitted that he accidentally checked the box next to Wagner, but instead he defended his silly vote.



Aaron Rodgers Responds to Fussy Vikings Fans After Grape Soda Incident


Aaron Rodgers grabbed more attention for drinking a postgame beverage than for his performance in the Packers road win in Minnesota on Sunday. The MVP candidate supposedly trolled the Vikings by sipping on a Grape Crush soda during his postgame press conference, a move that had Vikes fans and others losing their collective minds. Rodgers



High School Class President Trolls LeBron James At His Graduation


It will only be a little while longer until #lebroning and “cramp-gate” are footnotes in the Spurs’ history books. Until that time mercilessly comes, there will still be opportunities for people to mock LeBron James for his inability to fight his own muscles tightening up against his will. Take graduating high school senior Logan Price,